Can I use my ubuntu server without a gfx card to render? I already got blender installed and when I tried to render a test file (cpu/cycles) I get multiple errors, file itself is ok, it renders fine on my laptop. So before I go bughunting it might be good to get an answer on my question :)

Much appreciated.


If you have packaged your external assets with your .blend file, such that when referencing these assets you're looking for UV map images in, say, "//Assets/UVMaps/", you should be able to simply use the command line to render. The trick is to use the -b (batch) switch:

blender -b [file].blend

which will give you headless (no GUI) operation. Next up are a few command line options:

  • -S : select the scene to be rendered
  • -a : render the full animation (only applicable if you're doing an animation)
  • -f : render a specific frame (should not be used with -a)
  • -F : the output format to utilize (this may already be set up in your .blend)
  • -o : save the rendered output to a specific file (not needed if you've already set this up in your .blend)

For a single frame of an animation, your command line may look like this:

blender -b [file].blend -S [scene] -f [frame number] -F PNG -o frame_######.png

For the full animation, your command line may look like this, assuming you've already set the format and output parameters in the .blend file:

blender -b [file].blend -S [scene] -a

Note that if your .blend has only one scene, or if you have saved your .blend such that the active scene is the one you wish to have rendered, -S is optional.

If you're still getting errors, to better diagnose what's going on I know that I for one will need to see what the actual error log is.


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