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I am making a rendering for a video wall during a live performance coming up, and what I am trying to achieve is two separate renders;

  1. the background/environment, unaffected by the pink "Laser Bridge" and its emission reflections,

  2. and the laser bridge itself with its pink reflections on transparency that can then be overlayed over #1.

I have done a lot of learning of how to composite render layers and such, but given I am no expert, I am looking for advice.

I illustrate what I am trying to achieve in the diagram below. The three colored layers represent layer #2 (only separated by color to indicate what I will be doing in my live performance, shifting the hue of the laser and its reflections on the environment, thus why I am trying to render it out separately)

The gray layer represents layer #1, which also contains the white emissive environment lights you see in the two renderings below.

enter image description here

This is the environment layer with the white emission textures on the lights as you can see. I am not done texturing the scene but I wanted to get this problem out of the way before I continued.

enter image description here

Below is what the final thing should look like when I overlay both the environment layer and the laser and its reflections in my live performance

enter image description here

I have not found any solutions, and I am probably making it sound more convoluted than it is, but any help would be appreciated.

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