The basic question: Say I have 3 text objects I madeup in the 3d view, how do I insert those as 3 different strips in the vse? Each strip showing only 1 object, freely moveable across the timeline.

So say I'm making text in the 3d viewport. I can make a single text object and import it into the VSE via the scene strip. Great. Say I want to do another text strip the same way, but just want it showing up on its own like the first one. How do I do this while retaining the original scene? So I want 1 strip per text object, for multiple objects, created in the 3d viewport.

I had thought to simply create it in another "visible layer" tab (aka scene layers they are called in python). And that worked for what I needed. But it changed the scene inserted to the scene of the 2nd layer tab rather than keeping the first. And I wanted to know if I could apply a scene of a specific layer and another scene of another specific layer etc....but can't find anything.

Ultimately, what is the best route here...? I 'could' keyframe things and have all the text objects in a single layer in a single scene strip. But I don't have the positioning set in stone and want them freely adjustable as separate strips in the vse rather than as keyframes.

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