Just installed Zorin OS (a Linux distrubution) and installed Blender. I am running this Linux alongside Windows 10. So I go to the system tab in Blender and see that my GPU is not listed!

enter image description here

Why is my Nvidia GTX 1050 not showing up in the system tab? Also Blender is super laggy for some reason, could it be connected?

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    yes, it is connected, most likely driver issue. – Jaroslav Jerryno Novotny Jun 20 at 14:39
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    In linux you need to use the proprietary drivers for the GPU, they don't come installed by default. You will have to google that yourself. – cegaton Jun 20 at 17:20

The GTX 1050 mobile series lack a feature called "cuda".

If you have a laptop with a 1050, it will not work.

If you have a desktop with a 1050, it should work, but you have a different problem.

You could try installing the latest available graphics drivers for linux by nvidia, since cuda is supported on the 1050 mobile

Edit: I just checked your OS and since it's based on Ubuntu, you might be able to download nvidia's drivers for ubuntu

You need to install nvidia-cuda-toolkit because blender uses this toolkit in order to drive your nvidia card.

apt-get install nvidia-cuda-toolkit

You should also make sure that your nvidia card is cuda compatible.

blender docs related to GPU.

list of nvidia graphics cards compatible with CUDA

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