Are there any refactoring tools for Blender that are currently alive and work with the latest Blender releases?

By refactoring I mean making changes to data, such as objects and groups, where links to that data in external '.blend' files are updated. For example:

  • Renaming data.
  • Moving data to different files, which is the same as making a linked copy of that data in an external '.blend' file the source.
  • Safe delete, where data is only deleted if it is not linked in external '.blend' files.

I have heard of Blender-Aid, but it seems that project is no longer maintained.

Blender Asset Manager is great, but can only be used to rename or move entire '.blend' files rather than their data.

I'm not sure Asset Manager has the refactoring features I am looking for.

I have written some scripts using Blender's Python API, but because they need to open each '.blend' file to search it, they are extremely slow and cannot be used in practice.

I am currently attempting to use blendfile.py to rewrite those scripts, but it is turning out to be extremely time-consuming to learn how to use it given the lack of documentation, not just on blendfile.py itself, but also the way '.blend' files are structured.

I truly don't know how anyone can use Blender without refactoring, it's essential for the workflow of any large project. Surely there are already tools out there that do it.


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