Hi so I'm making a 2d mask to apply to strips in the vse. ANd I made a ton of keyframes for said mask...basic movement and transformation. After I made this though, I realize I want to scale the mask to make it bigger across all keyframes. But all these keyframes are in the way of a simple scale command.

I could go keyframe by keyframe and enter the new scale value (let's assume its 2x). But that is too time consuming in many cases. Is there a way to apply a change that will affect all the keyframes automatically? Or another way of saying it is I want to freeze all keyframes and edit the base properties of the object and then reapply all keyframes.....how do I do this?

For the sake of argument, say I opened the UV image editor and made a new mask...just a rectangle of 4 nodes and moved it around via a couple keyframes across 100 frames. Now I want to scale the entire rectangle by a degree across all keyframes...how do i do that efficiently?

I looked at keying sets, but was unable to get them to work for 2d masks made in the uv image editor. And I don't think or know if you can open 2d masks and edit them via the graph editor....? cause i could apply many properties via graph editor if it applied to masking like it does to video effect strips like transform.


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