I have add the MULTIRES modifier to an object in Python and would like to trigger the "subdivide" function. Since in Python you define a modifier like so:

obj.modifiers.new(type='MULTIRES', name="test")
obj.modifiers['test'].subdivision_type = 'CATMULL_CLARK'

How do I call the subdivide function? The Python info window is not helping neither it just says: (bpy.ops.object.multires_subdivide(modifier="test")).

And all my current attempts throw errors:

  • bpy.ops.object.multires_subdivide(modifier="test")
  • obj.modifiers['test'].multires_subdivide(modifier="test")
  • obj.modifiers['test'].multires_subdivide()
  • obj.modifiers['test'].subdivide()

as you see in API

bpy.ops.object.multires_subdivide(modifier="") Add a new level of subdivision

you can test this:

bpy.context.object.modifiers["Multires"].name = "A"
bpy.context.object.modifiers["A"].subdivision_type = 'CATMULL_CLARK'
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