I received a 3D character model as a .obj file and as a .fbx file (with animation).

The imported .fbx file is about 1.5 Blender Units high, as expected.

The .obj file (containing the unrigged character) is 150 Blender Units high. When I try to scale the model down, I end up having issues that make it either impossible to navigate or hard to find. Even if I keep my eye on the model and zoom in, the viewport always seem to be looking past the model's shoulder, making rigging it at that size troublesome.

I don't have screenshots at the moment, so I'm hoping someone has run into a similar problem based on my description. Is there a way to import a .obj file so that it's small enough to fit on the usual Blender grid? Or after I scale it down, is there a way to reset the viewport to navigate around this object?

*If screenshots are needed, I'll see what I can do to upload. For now, here are the two files mentioned. Maybe these will help in recreating the problem I'm experiencing.

.obj file - https://ufile.io/wi90r
.fbx idle file - https://ufile.io/mif1u


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  1. Select the different parts of the character you want to scale down.
  2. Snap the 3D Cursor to the center of the grid by Pressing ShiftS and selecting Cursor to Center.
  3. We will use the cursor as a pivot point. Use the 3D cursor as the pivot by pressing ..
  4. Scale everything down by pressing S and entering the scale 0.01, press enter to confirm. The objects should be scaled towards the center (0, 0, 0).
  5. Apply rotation and scale by pressing CtrlA and choosing Rotation and Scale.
  6. Align the 3D view pivot point to the current selection by pressing NumpadPeriod.

FBX natively works in cm, and to my understanding, the different programs always convert their units to cm, including Blender. However, it may also depend on the setting when exporting the FBX file from the other program.

When importing an OBJ in Blender, 1 unit in blender is equal to 1 unit from whichever program the model comes from. For example 1m in the obj is 1m in Blender when imported.

To modify the scale of your obj, after you have imported it, Blender should automatically select all the imported geometry, after which you should be able to scale it all by simply pressing S and then usually 0.1 (cm to m) or 0.01 (mm to m)


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