I have a set of bmesh verts created like:

import bmesh
# ...
bm = bmesh.new()
# ...

I intend to have all the points on the boundary of the verts. I can compute the boundary points by doing something like:

minX = min([co[0] for co in coords])
maxX = max([co[0] for co in coords])
minY = min([co[1] for co in coords])
maxY = max([co[1] for co in coords])
minZ = min([co[2] for co in coords])
maxZ = max([co[2] for co in coords])
print(minX, maxX, minY, maxY, minZ, maxZ)

However, I'm curious if there is any tool to get the min/max of bmesh verts, or even better, a tool to get the boundary points of bmesh verts. Thanks.

There is a BMesh API, but not sure how to use it:

True when this vertex is connected to boundary edges (read-only).

Type:   boolean
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    $\begingroup$ If an edge is only used for one face then it is_boundary and so are both of its vertices. The cube has no boundary edges the plane 4. $\endgroup$ – batFINGER May 22 '18 at 13:32
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    $\begingroup$ While not bmesh, the region_to_loop operator will select the boundary loop of the current selection. You would think this would be available in bmesh. $\endgroup$ – sambler May 23 '18 at 4:52

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