Let's say I have a cube and a sphere, and I make the cube the parent of the sphere. Then I link-duplicate both the cube and sphere with AltD. Then I start moving/rotating/etc. the duplicates around in object mode, together as a unit.

Later, I discover that I want to change the position of the sphere (child) with respect to the cube (parent). I re-position the original sphere, but the duplicate sphere does not change position.

I can manually copy the transform values from the original to the duplicate, but is there a way to automatically have the transform values be linked?


To duplicate multiple objects in different positions and keep the relationship between each instance, you want to use DupliGroups.

  • Select the objects you want to duplicate.
  • Add them to a group ⎈ CtrlG
  • You can rename the group so that it is more meaningful.
  • Add an empty
  • Set the empties Duplication setting to group and choose the group you created.
  • Repeat the last two steps as needed.

dupligroup settings


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