For a rather complex technical animation. I need an empty to be locked to a vertex. I cannot simply make create parent-root scenario, or use bones for this. As the vertex is modified by complex animated shapekeys. So how to achieve this ?


Well I found a solution, took me a while. Since other people might get into this as well, here is the solution:

On the object with shapekey select a vertex, create a vertex group for it. On the Empty use a Child-Of constraint, select the object and the new vertex group.

Note its even possible this way to copy rotation of that vertex as well.


You can make a Vertex Parent:

Place an empty. In Edit mode select your vertex, Shift+S > "cursor to selected". Back to object mode, add an Empty.

Select the empty and the mesh in that order. With the empty selected, Shift+RMB on the mesh.

Make vertex parent. Back in edit mode, select the vertex, Ctrl+P > "make vertex parent".

enter image description here the gif shows the last two steps

  • $\begingroup$ Sadly cannt do, because the object parent is also used for linking other objects who should not be affected by it. though i got to say this is a nice trick to know so I +1. $\endgroup$ – user3800527 May 15 '18 at 11:17
  • $\begingroup$ That's fine! Also I haven't thought of your solution; glad you solved it $\endgroup$ – Nicola Sap May 15 '18 at 11:29

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