I have 3 plank forming an equilateral triangle, I want to rotate them according to the triangle gravity center (where all the height intersect).

By hand I select them all, Shift+D, Enter, R, Shift+Z, turn the mouse, press Enter and voila, perfectly rotated.

I then wrote a script that does the exact same thing, however they are not rotated the same, the center of the second triangle is off.

def select_all():
    scn = bpy.context.scene
    print("deselecting all")
    objs = [obj for obj in scn.objects if obj.name.startswith("plank")]
    for obj in objs:
        print("selecting object " + obj.name)
        obj.select = True

bpy.ops.transform.rotate(value=radians(180.0), axis=(0, 0, 1))

and here is an image of the results :

enter image description here

Why isn't the rotation being the same?



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