I'm trying to connect a blender project to Arduino but I have a problem with blender. I cannot import or use the 'serial' library. I can control an LED with Python and Arduino, but when I try it with blender it doesnt work.

Can you help me?

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I have found my problem (windows):

I was using and installing 32bits python and 64 bits from blender.

My solution:

  1. I'm using Windows 10 64 bits.
  2. Download Blender 32 bits,v2.79.
  3. Remove/uninstall all Python stuff that i have.
  4. Reboot the system.
  5. Reinstall Python 3.5.3 (64-bits) donwloaded from Python site.
  6. Download the pyserial, version 3.4.
  7. Copy from pyserial: the folder serial, paste the folder in blender sub-folder site-packages:
  8. Open and run Blender 32 bits,v2.79.
  9. Using Blender game engine, made a script and my LED in Arduino turned on.
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