I have this Sun lamp in my scene. I need to toggle the visibility of the lamp with the press of a button. I tried using the Visibility actuator, but it does not remove my lamp because visibility in the Physics panel does not apply to lamp values. I thought of a few ways of toggling the visibility of it, but could not get any of them working:

  • Move lamp to another layer on the same scene
  • Delete lamp and re-spawn it (I tried endObject() but it would never remove the object)
  • Change the lamp's brightness value

Remember, this is going to be on a button, so it has to be re-spawnable. If I could get the base code, I can make the toggleable if block myself. Also, this is a Python question. Logic blocks take more time to setup than just a simple script. ;)

Thanks in advance!


In python you can access the lamps energy attribute like this:

bpy.data.objects["Lamp"].data.energy = 0

In the game engine you can toggle the energy by this script (assumes energy value set to 1.0):

co = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
lamp = co.owner
toggle = co.sensors["space"] # space is the name of keyboard sensor

if toggle.positive:
    lamp.energy = 1 - lamp.energy

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