I am trying to create a list from a directory and import each item with a for loop:

file_list = sorted(os.listdir(path_to_3ds))
autodesk_list = [item for item in file_list if item.endswith('.fbx')]

for item in autodesk_list:
    path_to_files = os.path.join(path_to_3ds, item)
    bpy.ops.import_scene.fbx(filepath = path_to_files)

How can I get the object name of the imported item and export it as object name + ' export'?


You can use Python set operations.

  • Make a set from all objects in the scene before the import
  • Perform the import
  • Make another set from all objects and subtract the set you made earlier

The only objects left in the set are the ones that were imported.

old_objs = set(context.scene.objects)
imported_objs = set(context.scene.objects) - old_objs

print("Imported:", imported_objs)

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When calling any import operator (fbx, obj or something), all imported objects are going to be selected (as you may already noticed). To get that selection, you can use bpy.context.selected_objects:

>>> bpy.ops.import_scene.fbx(filepath="/path/to/file/scene-01.fbx")
>>> [o.name for o in bpy.context.selected_objects]
['imported_obj.001', 'imported_obj.002', 'imported_obj.003' ...]

Another way would be an iteration through all objects to check their actual select state: imported_objects = [o for o in bpy.context.scene.objects if o.select].

In case of importing multiple files, you can just add all the new names to a list (initialized before the loop) since all object names in blender are unique by design:

import bpy

files = (

imported_objects = []
for f in files:

    # Object names
    imported_objects += [o.name for o in bpy.context.selected_objects]

    # Object data
    #imported_objects += bpy.context.selected_objects[:]

print (imported_objects)

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