So I'm trying to find a quick way to add random thickness, On the image below I don't want the selected faces to move on the Z-Axis. enter image description here

However I do want these faces below to Move along the X and Y Axis or normals. enter image description here

I was hoping to use vertex groups combined with a modifier but I couldn't get what I wanted with simple deform and vertex groups. I just want a quick and effective way to move faces along their normal's to add random thickness in selected areas.


For the object you have in the picture, you can add two displace modifiers with a noise or clouds texture. Set one to effect the Y direction and the other to effect the X direction. Make sure Space is set to global.


You might like the results better if you first made a flat, segmented rectangle shape, then use a displace in only the x axis (Local Space this time), subdivide it, solidify it, and then use a curve modifier to modify the object like below. You can mess around with different displacement textures and amounts to get the look you're after.

enter image description here


If you do not want to move the surface, click shift z. so it will only move in the x and y directions.

  • $\begingroup$ you can use the Proportional editing with Random along with the shift+z $\endgroup$ – rob Jan 11 '19 at 8:54

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