I am trying to create a cylinder which is rotated 90˚ on the Y axis using, but the cylinder is over rotating to 5156˚.

Why is the cylinder over rotating and how can i rotate it only 90˚ ?

import bpy

object_size = 64.0
sce = bpy.data.scenes
for x in range(-4, 4):
    for y in range(-4, 4):
        for z in range(-1, 1):

                                location=(x, y, z),
                                rotation=(0, 90, 0),

This is what the rotated cylinder looks like from the side.

enter image description here


When accessed via Python, all angles are in radians, not degrees.

rotation=(0, 90, 0),

If you want to write in degrees for convenience, you can use math.radians eg

rotation=(0, math.radians(90), 0),
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  • $\begingroup$ or math.pi/2 which is the same as 90 degrees. $\endgroup$ – Mutant Bob May 29 '14 at 15:16

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