I am ctrl+c some objects (planes and texts) from one scene to paste (ctrl+v) into another scene. But in the other scene (the one I want to copy them to) they do not show up and it duplicates all my scenes (see image below). I am in BGE and the texts have logic bricks too if that matters. What should I do? Duplicated scenes I have no idea what the L means.


"L" means the data is linked. Typically it is linked from another file.

I never used ctrl+c and ctrl+v. Maybe because i usually do not copy objects between different scenes (but move them). I tried it and it worked as expected. So I cannot confirm the behavior you describe.

Another way to copy an object:

To get objects from one scene to another I suggest:

  • select the objects
  • link to the target scene ctrl+L Objects to Scene .../target scene
  • switch to the target scene
  • make single user U (Attention: the name will change)
  • $\begingroup$ works perfectly. Good to know. $\endgroup$ – DaDudeII May 9 '18 at 0:46

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