So generally people tend to agree that the intensity of light has a fall-off that is the inverse square of the distance to the light.

Something like: intensity = 1.0 / (distance * distance);

I'm fairly certain from what people say that this would be used in OSL/Cycles since it's supposed to be physically based however it's useful to have control over this when a scene is being difficult or even just to give more control when using several fill lights.

I'd like to find a node setup that can help modulate(or replace) the current falloff with something that is a bit more linear.

intensity = 1.0 / distance;

So does anyone have an idea on how to control the intensity falloff using what we have available to us already?


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Use the "light falloff" node to control the strength of the emitter.


enter image description here


enter image description here


enter image description here

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