I have a large number of objects, let's say Cube.001 to Cube.100.

I want to be able to rotate Cube.001 on the z-axis and have all the other Cubes rotate with a slight delay starting with Cube.002 and then Cube.003 etc. (much like how slow parenting works).

I've been able to iterate and child/parent all the cubes with python and enable Slow Parent, problem is when I rotate Cube.001 all the Cubes transform their location, which I don't want.

Basically I need something like the 'Copy Rotation' Constraint, but with a Slow Parent like effect. Are their any simple ways of doing this?


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The Animation Nodes plugin can be used to generate objects and it has a Delay Falloff node which can transform them in sequence.

This series on youtube has an example.

Example based on link above:

  • Line Mesh is used to generate the locations
  • Object Instancer generates the cubes
  • Replicate Matrix generates transform matrices from the positions
  • Offset Matrix rotates each item, the delay falloff does them in sequence

Example Node Layout

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