When i change from solid to texture and material view my object appears black, im in blender render engine with GLSL shading and Hemi added,

Here is my solid view, enter image description here

when i change from solid to texture my object appears black, enter image description here

the same happens to solid to material enter image description here

and the same for texture painting mode. enter image description here

Any ideas what might cause the problem?


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You have a black image in the UV/Image editor that the object is linked to. For the material view, it is because you have that texture applied in the textures tab of the properties window.

"Solutions" (There isn't actually anything wrong)

  1. In texture paint mode, you can paint onto that texture and change its color.

enter image description here

  1. You can disable that texture to keep it from showing up in the material preview.

enter image description here

  1. You can put a different texture on it. For changing texture mode's display, go to the UV/Image editor and with the object in edit mode (so you can see the UVs), select a different image.

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