I want to add 3 images to 3 corners of a video but I don't want to calculate the correct position every single time. Currently the bottom-left corner is the only one that works as I want, for all the other corners I need to calculate something like (video.width - image.width). Which is easy but it gets really annoying when you're adding a bunch of images with various sizes that could be easily aligned by just moving the origin from bottom-left to top-right.

Is there a way to say "align the top-right of the image with the top-right of the video" in Blender Video Sequence Editor?


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I don't think there is currently a way.

It is an easy task for an addon, so I made one. You can get a copy of it from here, just save the link to disk, then in blenders preferences under addon click Install From File and select the script you just saved. Once enabled you will find a panel in the sequencer properties N with alignment options.

Currently it will align the selected strips to the top, left, bottom or right of the frame. I was just thinking that I could add align to active strip as well as centre, so it may also have those options by the time you see this.


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