I'm told you cannot texture and object in Blender and then upload the textured object into Second Life.

My work flow is Object > Unwrap > UV Map to Photoshop for Textures > Assign UV Map to Object > Export to Collada, selecting SL/OpenSim Static > Upload to SL.

Of course, the textures do not follow. Am I missing a step?
If you can't upload a textured object, what is the use of the Operator Preset?

The other related issue is that when I upload an object to SL, in edit, I cannot select an individual face to apply a texture to. It applies the texture to the entire object, regardless of selecting "Select Face."

I have mapped, not mapped, mapped each individual face, textured, untextured. It always applies an texture to the entire object.


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Yes you can't is the simple answer. You have to upload your textures and apply them in world. As for selecting faces, in Blender you need to assign a "material" to the parts you want to call a "face" in Second Life. If I can attach a photo you will see an object created in Blender, material slots applied (Black,red, green, yellow, blue) and, each of those are faces 0-5 on the object in SL.

Blender Object with Materials As Faces


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