I am trying to do some video editing in Blender. I can render using AVI format, the problem appears when I am using ffmpeg.

The steps I am following:

  • [Video Sequence Editor] Add->movie [...I select a video to import]
  • [Properties] Output -> FFmpeg video, Encoding -> presets -> h264 in MP4
  • [Info] Render-> Render Animation

The rendering immediately stops and shows an error:

Effective timebase denominator 3276700000 exceeds H.264 maximum

What am I doing so wrong? The process does just fine if I use AVI but I need to output mp4 for a school project.

  • $\begingroup$ No it is a mobile phone video. Anyway I resolved using the animation button in properties and not info->animation $\endgroup$ Apr 24 '18 at 14:16

What I did to solve this problem was changing the frame rate to the device I was recording at. once I did this it started rendering the animation. (Before it was at 30 fps and I changed it to 29.97.) I hope this helped


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