When I was rendering my image, I noticed that it looks weird (top left, and right side). I don't know what causes this issue, never had it before.

enter image description here

useful info/settings: samples = 256 I render using my CPU Max light bounces = 12 Denoising on def settings


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I have had the same with the denoiser when an area has had a high frequency noise. The denoiser can't know what pixels are fireflies and what are correctly calculated pixels. It just looks at the pixels and see a lot of white dots and think it’s the real thing. Same thing happens here where you have a high frequency texture and the denoiser considers an area that is too large into account when denoising.

Try setting the radius to something low, like 4 and the strength down to .2. Another alternative would be to deactivate denoising for diffuse direct to see if that helps. But I have never tried that.


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