I converted a particle system to "real" objects.

I got thousand of them... I would like to be able to select every nth object.

I've seen it is possible to select items with a pattern, but is it possible to select every n item ?




I made my first Blender python script, and it works ! See here.

nthObjectSelector by gordielachance
This will reduce your current selection of object to nth objects.
import bpy

nth = 3 #Specify your nth value here !

#list of selected objects
list_all = bpy.context.selected_objects

#start by unselecting everything
for obj in list_all:
    obj.select = False

#now only select nth
list_reduced = list_all[::nth]

for obj in list_reduced:
    obj.select = True

print("nthObjectSelector ({}) : selected {} out {} objects".format(nth,len(list_reduced), len(list_all)))

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