I am new to blender. I am trying to make a simulation of a fluid that comes out from a pipe. However, it looks like it's stuck at the pipe, even though some of fluid comes out. Its weird.

My pipe has the solidify modifier and one face deleted for the fluid to come out. It has only fluid physics enabled, with the following settings:

  • Type: obstacle
  • Volume initialization: both
  • No export animation
  • Slip type: partial slip (amount:0.2), impact (factor:1)

My icosphere has physics enabled for fluid:

  • Type:inflow
  • Enabled
  • Volume initialization: volume
  • No export animation
  • No local coordinates
  • Inflow velocity: (x:-1, y:0, z:0)

The Blender file is available for download.


It seems like the fluid simulation objects were scaled in Object mode instead of Edit mode, and the scales haven't been applied using [Ctrl] + [a] Also for a large domain you should probably start out with a resolution of at least 100.

Here's a blend file with the applied scales:


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