I have accomplished the process one time correctly. However, since then I cannot get the exported BVH file from Blender to MakeHuman 'do' anything except show the standard pose.

  1. In MakeHuman, I create a generic model (not male, not female).
  2. I add the Default No Toes Skeleton.
  3. I set the pose to Tpose.
  4. I select Export and set scale units to meter.
  5. I export the file as bvh

in Blender

  1. Create a new scene.
  2. Remove lights, camera, big box.
  3. Import bvh file.
  4. Object Mode set to Pose.
  5. Transform Orientation reset from global to Normal.
  6. Using the rotate manipulator, (and quad view) I set my (new) rig.
  7. Once done, I use the circle selector to highlight all bones. (or I could press A twice.
  8. Select the poser icon in [all scenes] in the [outliner] edit window.
  9. SAVE a copy as a blender file.
  10. Under Poser Library, Select New PoseLib.
  11. Click + key to 'capture' the pose.
  12. Sanitize
  13. Export bvh file to MakeHuman/poses folder.
  14. Set start and end frame as 1.
  15. When returning to Blender the original pose is showing on the screen.
  16. When I 'apply' the library entry in Blender the pose I created reappears.
  17. Back in MakeHuman, what shows up is the 'original pose' that shows up in step 15 above,
  • $\begingroup$ I had to use mhx2 file export from MakeHuman and I was able to use bvh from Blender back in MakeHuman. Here is a GREAT tutorial explaining what I did. youtu.be/MQBtZgWyrI4 $\endgroup$ – Paul Sbraccia Apr 9 '18 at 5:05

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