I'm studying noise/fractal generation algorithms such as Perlin and Musgrave, and want to generate them in Blender's UV/Image editor through Python.

I'm aware that Blender has it's own internal procedural textures, however I want to be able to customize the look of procedural textures with a script, so that I can directly generate perlin noise, etc in the Image editor.

I've found some Stackexchange answers that contain scripts for Gradient and line generation, but I'm looking for a way to generate a procedural noise texture in the Image editor.

Stackexchange answers referencing generation of Gradients and lines:

Is it possible to create image data and save to a file from a script

Is it possible to edit images programmatically with the Blender API?

I'm looking to generate something like this with scripting:

Code doesn't generate the image - image is saved sample of Perlin pulled from Google Images


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