So I'm trying to have my X-Wing and Tie fighter exhausts light up like the ones below. enter image description here Currently, they just look like this which isn't that nice. The material is just a red emission for the Tie fighter and a yellow emission for the X-Wing.

enter image description here Anyone got any ideas on how to accomplish this effect, would it be something I would do later in After Effects. Also, how would I go about creating the laser beams like the ones in Image 1?, I was thinking of just using the saber plugin for After Effects but they never look that nice.

Thanks in Advance


enter image description here

3 things that you have to keep in mind:

  1. You have to use the Filmic Color Management
  2. The engine emission shader must be very bright and just a bit desaturated
  3. You have to add a Glare node in "Node Editor" > "Compositing Nodes"

For the laser beam I've made this setup enter image description here

The laser beam is just an elongated "drop" with a very bright green-yellow material. I've made the beam to move rapidly forward and i've enabled the motion blur option.


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