My Goal is it to remove Islands from an 3D scanned object (3D printer purpose) with python. I was thinking something like:

  • Getting all vertices
  • Iterate through all vertices
    • Save linked vertices and number of linked vertices
    • Remove all already scanned vertices from iteration
    • Compare with old maxLinked, if lower delete vertices

enter image description here

If someone could point me to a solution it would be great.


Use the Separate into Loose Parts Operator.

Possibly the quickest and simplest way to do this is to run the bpy.ops.mesh.separate(type='LOOSE') operator to split the single mesh into loose parts. Then remove all but the object with the most vertices.

import bpy

context = bpy.context
# edit mode
# split into loose parts
# object mode

parts = context.selected_objects
# sort by number of verts (last has most)
parts.sort(key=lambda o: len(o.data.vertices))
# print
for part in parts:
    print(part.name, len(part.data.vertices))
# pop off the last
# remove the rest
for o in parts:

There are a number of methods for doing this without the operator in answers to How to find the number of loose parts with Python? including my answer which returns a list of verts for each island in selection which would be ideal for making an interactive tool to do this per selection, to clean "splatter-cake" verts.


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