I'm trying to model a Bar top and it has an indentation on its underside, I have tried to set loop-cuts and extrude all relevant pieces but it keeps coming out less than stellar. What are some faster ways to remove an area from a shape in blender?

image to be modeled

Looking at the dark silvery colour under the countertop

As you can see below, I tried using loop cuts but it hasn't lead to any success for me. enter image description here


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⎈ CtrlR to add a loop cut.
G, G to edge slide.
G to move/grab.
G, Y to move along global Y axis.
⎇ AltRMB RMB to select an edge loop.
E to extrude.
⎈ Ctrl↹ Tab to switch the selection context.
BMMB MMB to box deselect.

  1. Double Geometry (not that good)

    Add two loop cuts. Edge Slide the lower loop cuts upwards. Deselect the back vertices and select the lower ones. Move them back along Y. enter image description here
  2. N-Gon (not that good)

    Delete the side faces, add two loopcuts and move the vertices together. Move the lower face along Y. Make the missing face F.
    enter image description here
  3. Extrusion

    Add one loop cut. Select the upper face. Extrude the upper face. enter image description here
  4. Multiple meshes

    Duplicate the geometry, move and scale it accordingly. enter image description here

Now, although you probably had #3 in mind, I'd advise you to think about the benefits of #4. In the real world, these object would be two separate pieces as well, with separate materials.

  • $\begingroup$ Hey, thank you for the tutorials, I was thinking about using 3 but 4 seems like a shout! $\endgroup$
    – WindWalker
    Apr 3, 2018 at 19:43

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