With python, I search to select objects in the field of view of the main camera. I found this great script by ideasman42.

It's half perfect. I don't understand why the script also selects objects behind the main camera. I need help please: How to not select objects behind main camera?


Add a plane on perspective camera looking forward.

As a quick work around is to add a plane looking forward on a perspective camera, by adding this else clause circa line 32 of original code.

if not is_persp:
    # add a 5th plane to ignore objects behind the view
    n = normal(frame[0], frame[1], frame[2])
    d = -n.dot(origin)
    planes.append((n, d))
    n = (matrix * Vector((0, 0, -1)) - origin).normalized()
    d = 0
    planes.append((n, d))

A cameras line of view is its negative local Z axis. All above does is adds a plane that has a global normal looking in the same direction.

enter image description here Image shows plane with normal, the Z axis pointing in direction of camera's -Z axis.

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  • $\begingroup$ Thanks for feedback and clear captures ! I added this else condition but the result is not change. Why objects behind main camera are select ? $\endgroup$ – LukeNukem Mar 28 '18 at 9:25

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