I'm trying to model a bar front, but I'm having problems extruding the right part of the face.

I keep trying to add a vertex between two points of a sized up cube object but it isn't allowing me to connect the two, giving me the error invalid selection.

Any ideas on how I can do it please?

Its the triangle shape I'm trying to get

vertex issue

Bar front I'm trying to model

bar front im trying to model


Make smart use of modifiers here. You have a repeating shape, use an Array modifier instead of modelling it all one by one by hand.

For the face keep it simple. Just use the Poke Faces Alt + P operator on a simple unsubdivided face.

Move the resulting vertex down to vertically align with the bottom vertex of the face, then move it forward to make the protruding "pyramid" shape.

enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ Wow, didn't realize blender had this! How did you use the array modifiers to dupe the shape? Edit: Nm found out how, thank you Duarte! $\endgroup$ – WindWalker Mar 21 '18 at 20:41

Duarte's answer is perfect, for this case.

In general, if you were trying to create a vertex on an edge by connecting, (J), that won't work. In this context, J connects existing vertices across existing faces. Alternatives include:

Ctrl-E (Edge Menu) > Subdivide, with the edge/s on which you want the vertices to appear selected.

Select a vertex on the edge you want divided, duplicate it with Alt-D and slide it along the edge (GG).

If your new vertex is going to be at the end of a new edge in an existing face, the Knife tool (K) from the beginning of the new edge, using Ctrl if necessary, to constrain the cuts to the center of existing edges.


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