enter image description here Hello everyone,

I have done everything I can to deal with the line in the middle in an attempt to smooth it and turn it into a single surface but not been able to succeed in the end and wonder if any of you wish to take a look at the piece and help me out. It is part of an old object of mine that I worked on a long time ago and I have no idea what I pressed back then!

Despite having asked for help about this issue before, and been reading up help pages such as How to smooth shade an object while retaining hard edges? it has not managed to help me solve the issue unless I was doing something wrong. No matter what features and tools I have tried using, the line stays and won't go, I sharpen the object or smooth it, the line stays.

Help appreciated :) I will add a download for analysis if anyone wants to take a look. github.com/Vemone/Projectss

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First of all go to Edit Mode, select all and W > Remove Double, than select this edge and Ctrl+E > Clear Sharp.



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