I would like to know if there's a way to bend a cylinder by its middle so that I can have different versions of it with different bend angles (see picture below). It looks like with a Bend modifier it will bend the whole shape, that's not what I want, but perhaps I miss something. In the picture below I've tested Array + Curve modifier but it's not controllable enough. I also can do it with bones and Copy Rotation Constraint but I was wondering if there was a different way. Thanks by advance!

here is my image


Array modifiers are actually an interesting way of doing this. Start- and endcaps make all the difference.

First I defined the radius with am empty and extruded a circle, rotating it 5 degrees into a wedge around the empty. Then I fitted the start and end cap. Start cap is easy, end cap needs a bit of tweaking.

The rest is another empty that I rotated 5 degrees around the pivot empty to act as Object Offset for the modifier.

enter image description here

Simply adjust the steps in the modifier, duplicate and apply. Pipe factory.

And that's the result:

enter image description here

As long as you don't need a pentagon, the 5° increments will cover most cases.

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