I'm making a bomberman like game and like the titles says, after I connect more than 2 usb controllers to the game, it's like the python script no longer runs, I have written a script that helps me place bombs, and it works fine with only 2 players connected.

I find this really hard to debug, anyone have a suggestion on what I can try to do?

Has anyone tried making a 4 player local game in blender?

  • $\begingroup$ We are going to need more information. If it's a script error, what does it say in the console? $\endgroup$ – Mike Pan Feb 22 '18 at 17:21
  • $\begingroup$ I don't know what to say... it's not a script error :) and there comes no error in the console. $\endgroup$ – D1ll1ng Feb 22 '18 at 19:05
  • $\begingroup$ You could post the scripts you are using plus a description how you run it. $\endgroup$ – Monster Feb 23 '18 at 5:16
  • $\begingroup$ I blew my deadline yesterday, I did not expect the game to only work partially when I connect more controllers... so I'm going to make a in depth description of the project I'm making, probably make a website for it, and split the game op in smaller packages, so the different problem is easy to differentiate from each other, and so i link to a .blend to other ppl without giving them a big project. $\endgroup$ – D1ll1ng Feb 23 '18 at 8:25

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