So i trying to separate these two legs made from blocks. I want them to be able to move separately but NOT make them independent pieces. I tried using the rip tool but it told me that was an error. Here is a video of me trying to break them.

Try selecting the vertices along the middle part using shift, left click and then rip them using v, make sure to select both the back and front vertices

  • i already did that and it told me there was an error like i said in my original post – anarchokawaii Feb 21 at 13:14
  • Make sure the all the faces were filled – Original Tenka Feb 21 at 13:58
  • i did. did you watch the webm? – anarchokawaii Feb 21 at 15:03

reddit helped me

Delete the faces in the middle then rip them. Hide vertices for one side at a time. then creates inside faces for each leg.

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