I have two movies considered as images (because I need to set up the beginning frame, offset ...) and I want to concatenate them so that one appears before the other one.

Is there an operation in the compositor which can do this ?


As mentionned here :


the mix node needs a background image and a foreground one. I don't want to mix but to put one movie one after the other after specific frame.


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Frames will give you control on the source’s duration (in frames): How many frames do you want to use? Playback will repeat the last frame unless you choose Cyclic* (see below)

image node values

Start Frame is the frame in the scene at which the video clip will start playing.

Offset allows you to select the first frame of the video source.

Cyclic* will make the cycle of frames start over. If you want to hold a frame, before or after the specified number of frames or freeze a frame you would need to disable this box.


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