I want to net render my project without GUI. I know blender command line. I also know blender -E help and tried the command blender -b file.blend -E NET_RENDER -s 10 -e 50 -t 2 –a but before running this command we need to set parameters like a master server, port etc. by GUI Can you guide me on how to set Address(master) while net rendering through command-line?


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You can do it like this:

blender -b -y -P master.py -noaudio --addons netrender file.blend

Contents of master.py:

import bpy
bpy.context.scene.network_render.mode = 'RENDER_MASTER'
bpy.context.scene.network_render.path = "/tmp/"
bpy.context.scene.network_render.server_address = "[default]"
bpy.context.scene.network_render.server_port = 8200

For the slave you can use the same blender command with a second python script. Create a copy of master.py, name it slave.py or something and change the according line for the mode to:


bpy.context.scene.network_render.mode = 'RENDER_SLAVE'


Tested in blender 2.79a.

Note: this is currently broken in the latest daily builds of blender 2.80 (refer here) I'm currently searching for a workarround, to get the new gpu / host memory feature working with automated network rendering, but they'll probably fix it anyways when blender 2.80 comes out.


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