In the settings I can't choose another device to render other than the CPU.

Can't select the GPU.

According to the blender wiki the GPUs "with a GCN Architecture superior or equal to 2.0 are supported".

Blender wiki

And as I understand my GPU (R9 270) should be supported, according to this table from wikipedia(and has GCN 2.0 and up): Wikipedia table

Or am I wrong and my GPU isn't actually supported? :(

GPU: R9 270 (latest drivers)

OpenCL version: 22.19

Blender version: 2.79


R9 270 is actually GCN 1.0 architecture and is not supported after Blender 2.78c.

If you look at the wikipedia chart for the Radeon 200 series products, you'll see that the 270 is actually a GCN 1.0 hardware. Which was dropped from Cycles in Blender 2.78c.

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    $\begingroup$ That is unfortunate for me to know. But I want to thank you very much for the answer since I have been struggling to know this for a long time. $\endgroup$ – John Knight Feb 12 '18 at 15:02

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