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Top new questions this week:

Photogrammetry retopology/projection like Zbrush

I am doing some photogrammetry scans using Agisoft Photoscan and importing the scans to Blender. The problem is that the UV maps are a mess, the meshes have too many polygons. The most common ...

topology zbrush photogrammetry  
asked by Robin Bervini 4 votes
answered by A M 5 votes

Any blacklight effect suggestion for 2.8?

Got a question. Are there any way to simulate blacklight (ultraviolet) effect in blender? Dont just light scene with violet colors, but make uv reactive color material or maybe fake blacklight effect? ...

asked by Kolobot 4 votes
answered by lemon 2 votes

Is there a way to get a node's dimensions without displaying it in the Node Editor?

The aim of the question is to calculate a node tree layout for a generated node tree. Nodes have height, width and dimensions. It seems that dimensions corresponds to some default size and that ...

python scripting nodes  
asked by lemon 3 votes

Middle Mouse turns on Perspective

Blender 2.8 is really great. Many thanks for the rework of the UI :) I have one "tiny" problem. I am working mostly in orthographic view and I rotate a lot during modelling. Every time I rotate I ...

asked by Frank 3 votes
answered by Robin Betts 5 votes

Old School Ghost Model

Trying to create a 3d Ghost like the kind with a sheet and two eyes. I've created the sheet, textured it and put it on top of a sphere. Looks great but I don't want the sheet to drop onto the object ...

asked by John Burness 3 votes
answered by rjg 7 votes

Making video appear mid animation

I am currently working on an animation. Somewhere in the middle (say frame 200) of this animation, a video has to appear. I use the "import images as plane" plug-in from the user preferences to have ...

animation video keyframes  
asked by Cybern 3 votes
answered by Millard 0 votes

Using existing topology to model details and grooves

I'm trying to model the Five-Seven handgun, which as you can see in the image below has some grooves running along its handle. So far, I have blocked out the lower part and am trying to add in ...

mesh geometry bevel  
asked by user3115020 3 votes
answered by moonboots 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Shader nodes are missing?

I have blender 2.69 and I've been following a tutorial on how to make text. The only problem is when I go to add a glossy shader in the node editor it does not exist. Neither does the shader ...

shaders node-editor  
asked by user2389 21 votes
answered by gandalf3 34 votes

How to emulate a Number Pad and 3 Button Mouse?

I have a MacBook Pro. Since it's a laptop, it does not have a number pad. It only has the numbers at the top of the keyboard. Can I emulate the number pad so that I can access the hot keys for top ...

asked by John 45 votes
answered by Gwen 48 votes

How to model effectively using exact measurements?

I always struggle when trying to create a floor plan or furniture. How do I model using exact measurements.

modeling measurement  
asked by stacker 44 votes
answered by zeffii 38 votes

How to import a .mtl file?

I am new to Blender. I downloaded a .obj file of a plant model. When I unzipped it I found two files (.obj and .mtl). I imported the .obj file and I couldn't do the same with the .mtl to apply the ...

objects import  
asked by user1468 25 votes
answered by iKlsR 25 votes

Creating a Black Hole in Blender

I recently saw the film Interstellar and it was fantastic! The effects blew me away and it got me in the mood to try and re create the black hole, however I haven't been able to find any information ...

rendering materials light  
asked by Stewie 53 votes
answered by gandalf3 98 votes

How to avoid noisy renders in Cycles?

I know that this question is a bit old or maybe overdone, but I'm running the latest edition of Blender and when I use the Cycles engine I get really fuzzy results and I can't find a simple, ...

cycles rendering denoise  
asked by person27 70 votes
answered by gandalf3 62 votes

How to merge vertices in Blender?

I am attempting to create my first 3D character just for practice. Being one of my first 3d models I going through the learning curve needless to say. In doing so I find myself creating many extra ...

modeling cycles 3d-view  
asked by SKIPPY 28 votes
answered by cegaton 48 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Blender 2.8 Metaballs update 'never' is not working, seems to always update even with never turned on

I have a complex network of metaballs that I generate using my python script. I would like to (as I do in 2.79) set the UPDATE property to 'NEVER' while I'm generating them; vastly improving speed. ...

meta-objects blender-id  
asked by tod doeh 1 vote

How can I edit the rendered image in post-processing?

I want to draw over the rendered image right after rendering it in Blender 2.80. I tried creating a new render engine that calls the Cycles renderer and then writes over the rendered image (see the ...

rendering scripting  
asked by Pooks 1 vote

How do I stop the middle of a soft body from drooping?

I am currently making a simulation in which a jelly cube will drop. the desired effect is for the cube to jiggle a lot on impact but for it to slowly come back to the shape of a cube. in general ...

asked by Chris 1 vote
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