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Top new questions this week:

Can I use Blender to create a virtual museum/gallery to exibit my students paintings and sculptures?

I am just getting started with Blender. My goal is create a virtual museum/gallery in which I will be able to exibit the artistic creations of my middle and highschool students. These will be ...

modeling 3d-view light geometry  
asked by Craig 5 votes
answered by no-can-do 3 votes

Snapping multiple vertices but picking which one is primary

I'm having trouble figuring out how to snap multiple vertices but selecting by which one the position of all of them is adjusted. Right now I can't be precise because I'm not able to align edge to ...

asked by Raiwen 4 votes
answered by moonboots 7 votes

Can't find Denoiser in 2.81a

My Splash screen and system-info.txt both confirm I have version 2.81 of Blender. And yet, when I go to View Layer Properties and Passes I cannot find the sector Data underneath and therefore I ...

asked by alex 3 votes
answered by Jachym Michal 3 votes

Rules and presets for SSS in Principled BSDF

I like Principled BSDF and its intuitive controls. However, the SSS property is confusing when I try to actually use it. Other engines have recommended presets, but I don't know where to find them ...

materials shaders subsurface-scattering  
asked by Jachym Michal 3 votes
answered by Jachym Michal 4 votes

Particle color distance to empty in Eeevee?

Is there a way to do this with material nodes only? I can find a particle info node: But the object info node ...

particles eevee-render-engine  
asked by eobet 3 votes
answered by Gorgious 5 votes

A Particular Wavy Brick Pattern

I'm hoping to create something like this procedurally, but I'm not sure where to start. It's a brick texture with a color that repeats in a wavy fashion. I know I should use modulo somehow, but ...

texturing materials  
asked by Bobo_The_Imp 2 votes

How to fill ngon with faces?

Is there any way to fill such a shape with faces? It would help a lot! I'm trying to create something like this, but I have to do it for a lot of leafs. So doing it manually will be a pain. ...

asked by Vince 2 votes
answered by moonboots 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How would you cut a shape out of an object using another object?

Coming from SketchUp one of the tools I miss most is the circle draw tool which lets you draw a circle on any face and then you could extrude it in/out. The only tool that I know of that comes close ...

modeling workflow knife-tool  
asked by Qwertie 71 votes
answered by Thom Blair III 102 votes

Precisely move the 3D cursor

The 3D cursor can be moved by simply LMB clicking anywhere in the viewport. Is there a faster and easier way to position the 3D cursor?

interface 3d-view workflow 3d-cursor  
asked by David 86 votes
answered by David 88 votes

How to render from Eevee in Blender 2.8?

I have the Blender 2.8 version from the 21st Sep 2018 I was looking forward to render a test sequence but cannot find a render button anywhere? Does anyone know where to find it?

rendering eevee-render-engine  
asked by Pixelpilot 3 votes
answered by sambler 10 votes

How to merge vertices in Blender?

I am attempting to create my first 3D character just for practice. Being one of my first 3d models I going through the learning curve needless to say. In doing so I find myself creating many extra ...

modeling cycles-render-engine 3d-view  
asked by SKIPPY 33 votes
answered by eromod 11 votes

Merge multiple meshes into one single mesh?

Is there any addon that will allow me to merge multiple different meshes into one solid mesh? I've spent a great deal of time constructing a fancy window frame, but I made it out of multiple ...

modeling mesh objects  
asked by Amanojaku 11 votes
answered by Josh Silveous 13 votes

Where can I find the dimensions of an object?

In earlier Blender versions, the "Transform Properties" panel showed the object dimensions (i.e., bounding box: width, height, depth). Now, it just shows location, rotation, and scale.

interface transforms  
asked by Matt Fichman 24 votes
answered by CodeManX 36 votes

Is there an easy way to align two objects on a specific axis?

Other than manually typing in locations, is there an easy way to align objects on an axis like you would in Visio?

workflow transforms  
asked by chotchki 42 votes
answered by iKlsR 42 votes

Can you answer these questions?

When I assign shape keys to text, the objects lose their material

I have created two text objects with the word ORIGIN in two different fonts. I can get the text to morph from one font to the other but after converting the text to curves and applying the shape keys ...

materials shaders shape-keys text-object  
asked by Rayzor 1 vote

"Copy Data Path" grayed out : what does it imply?

On some elements of the interface, Copy Data Path is grayed out. Does this mean that: this element can't be accessed from python in any way whatsoever it only can't be accessed from python through ...

python interface  
asked by ChameleonScales 1 vote

Any way for Smart UV Project to give more UV real estate to specific faces?

Smart UV Project produces results where each face takes up a proportionate amount of space in the UV map to its space in the full model. There are times when certain parts of the model could use more ...

asked by Dan 1 vote
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