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Top new questions this week:

Is there a way to preserve the thickness of a (poly) curve?

I have a poly curve which makes a square, so the thickness of the curve remains constant. When I move one of the handles downwards, elongating the shape, the thickness of the curve changes: Is there ...

user avatar asked by BBonless Score of 6
user avatar answered by Robin Betts Score of 8

How do slant on object?

Sorry , my English is poor so I will try to explain my problem so easy as I can. I create and modify Plane. Expand it up. And now I would like to get this 45deg slant. to expand verticles right to ...

modifiers curve-modifier  
user avatar asked by Michał Score of 5
user avatar answered by moonboots Score of 10

how can i rotate individual curve points in geometry nodes

Lets say I have straight spline with 7 vertices. I need to rotate vertices number 3;4 & 5 around itself. and rest stay aligned to changes Example: Also I need the ability to control what vertices ...

node-editor bezier-curves geometry  
user avatar asked by Phobos 21 Score of 4
user avatar answered by Markus von Broady Score of 2

Animating the hole in a boolean object

I want to create a boolean object where the object being subtracted is an extruded curve I can animate. As I currently understand booleans, my curve needs to first be converted to a mesh, which can ...

mesh bezier-curves boolean-modifier  
user avatar asked by kariomart Score of 4
user avatar answered by Chris Score of 3

Filling and extruding a curve

How can I extrude a curve without converting it to a mesh? I want to do this so I can animate the spline while it's extruded.

extrude fcurves  
user avatar asked by kariomart Score of 4
user avatar answered by Robin Betts Score of 5

Making a hole on a not flat surface

everybody! This is my first post in StackExchange. I am practincing Blender with a model of a PSX (I am a beginner), but I am having some dificulties trying to recreate the holes and elevations ...

modifiers project  
user avatar asked by Rant Score of 4
user avatar answered by moonboots Score of 4

How can I adjust the interpolation on an OSL shader keyframe value?

I have an OSL shader that I added to a material. I keyframed one of the float properties on the shader. How can I view this on the graph editor? Right now the only way I know how to change the ...

user avatar asked by BurnsBA Score of 3
user avatar answered by L0Lock Score of 3

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I increase the render distance?

I have created a simple model here When rendering it the end of it is cut off How can I get the camera to render a longer distance?

rendering camera  
user avatar asked by Qwertie Score of 39
user avatar answered by Adhi Score of 68

How do I bake a texture using Cycles bake

I created a interior scene and i don't know how to bake a texture using cycles bake.

cycles-render-engine workflow texture-baking  
user avatar asked by Sachin Vani Score of 38
user avatar answered by gandalf3 Score of 68

How do I completely remove an image from my .blend file?

I'm creating a model for a 3D game that will eventually be exported using a custom Python script. This model makes heavy use of UV textures. However, the project now references a bunch of images that ...

uv image data-blocks  
user avatar asked by Nathan Osman Score of 85
user avatar answered by Jonathan Williamson Score of 95

How to import an FBX file into Blender

I am trying to import an FBX file from Unity into Blender. Does anybody know how to do that?

import unity  
user avatar asked by Jerry Score of 14
user avatar answered by Keavon Score of 23

How to create a prism with an equilateral triangle base

I’m trying to make a triangular prism in Blender. My first idea was to select the top four vertices of a cube and merge them at the center, but this made a single point on the top instead of an edge. ...

modeling mesh  
user avatar asked by Qwertie Score of 8
user avatar answered by gandalf3 Score of 6

When I save something as an OBJ file the texture does not save with it, why?

I use Blender to render objects as this makes them look better. The problem is when I export one of my characters as an OBJ file and then import it back into Blender to render, the textures seem to ...

texturing export import obj  
user avatar asked by Kye Harding Score of 15
user avatar answered by mont29 Score of 25

Enabling GPU rendering for Cycles?

I want to enable GPU rendering, but there is no option in User Preferences > System: Why is this? How can I get cycles to render using my GPU?

cycles-render-engine rendering gpu opencl  
user avatar asked by gandalf3 Score of 95
user avatar answered by gandalf3 Score of 134

Can you answer these questions?

Ignoring vertices of a meshgrid outside UV map

What I want to do is to make field of holes in a curved mesh. Using geometry nodes I make a UV map of the mesh that is supposed to have holes in it. Then I make a meshgrid of various size and number ...

mesh uv geometry-nodes boolean-modifier  
user avatar asked by blenderman Score of 1
user avatar answered by Crantisz Score of 0

Are vertex groups good for rigs?

Hi Blender Stack Exchange, I have a reasonably simple question to ask. Is using vertex groups a good option for rigging? I'm not very good at weight painting, and I've found that vertex groups are ...

rigging bones  
user avatar asked by Xamrey Score of 1
user avatar answered by moonboots Score of 0

Strange glitching when using keyframes/ noise to move the camera of glitching the camera and the car are both on follow path constraints, the camera has noise modifiers on it to add some rotation to the camera to give some camera ...

keyframes graph-editor  
user avatar asked by Cinema Wire Score of 1
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