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Top new questions this week:

How to make a twisted wrapper

How do I make a twisted wrapper like the following? I've tried to twist a plane / a cone, but many faces just go though others.

asked by KerlW 20 votes
answered by moonboots 15 votes

Creating realistic small flames artifacts

I would like to reproduce this kind of artifacts on a flame simulation (see picture) I am able to come up with some nice flame simulations but I haven't found a way to reproduce the little waves of ...

smoke-simulation fire  
asked by Blup1980 2 votes

Scaling/Rezise in Blender 2.8 Python/Script not working on mesh

I am working on a scrip that makes tiles (like for a kitchen floor). I have a script that works perfect on planes for 4 sided tiles. However, I am running into an issues on non-4 sided tiles. I ...

python mesh vertices faces scale  
asked by WillSmithsRobot 2 votes
answered by batFINGER 0 votes

Create object speed vector blender 2.8

Trying to create a speed vector of moving objects in the scene using python script. I'm aware of the possibility to create a delta location vector but is this the only way? I thought there will be a ...

python scripting  
asked by AvivSham 2 votes

How to make an object emit light streaks

I'm new to Blender and VFX/3D in general, I'd like to know to make an object emit streaks specifically like the Legendary Pictures (2010) VFX logo.

asked by CommonSenseii 2 votes
answered by Rakesh choudhary 0 votes

Bevel doesn't look right

Beveling used to work as one might expect, but something changed and now the bevel is funky. I would like to see a smooth arc of 90 degrees. Instead, the arc appears to go about 20-25 degrees ...

asked by vndep 1 vote
answered by AlexanderESmith 1 vote

Distorted normal map on smooth surface

Blender rookie here. I'm learning about baking normal maps in 2.80 with some pretty basic setup. I'm getting strange results on a smooth metallic flat surface. You can see it on the following ...

normals normal-map artifacts  
asked by Caleb9 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I set a background image while I am editing?

How do I put a backdrop behind the model that I am creating so that I can compare the picture to the model while editing?

3d-view image  
asked by John 70 votes
answered by iKlsR 70 votes

Cannot find Background Images feature in Blender 2.8

Cannot find Background Images feature to add in a photo in Blender 2.8 Where is it?

asked by Hesam Ramzi 35 votes
answered by Duarte Farrajota Ramos 55 votes

Keying set failed to insert any keyframes

When pressing I, I now receive: keying set failed to insert any keyframes. No idea why pressing I doesn't work anymore. What did I do wrong? (I've upgraded from 2.71 to 2.72 and it stops ...

animation keyframes  
asked by juFo 12 votes
answered by juFo 10 votes

Can Blender render pngs with the background transparent?

I would like to render an animation as a series of .png images with transparent backgrounds for use in a video. Is this possible?

rendering cycles blender-render image transparency  
asked by A Wild RolandiXor 206 votes
answered by satishgoda 305 votes

.fbx export why there are no materials or textures?

I used node textures in a mesh I exported to .FBX. I then imported it into Unreal Engine 4 and it didn't import any textures; I clicked the Upload Textures option in Unreal Engine. Is there ...

texturing export file-format .fbx  
asked by Fun Addict 21 votes
answered by Duarte Farrajota Ramos 54 votes

How to make a circular array using offset object as center?

We know that the there is an Object Offset option for Array modifier, but when trying to make a circular array with that offset object as the center of the array circle, it always doesn't behave quite ...

asked by Leon Cheung 36 votes
answered by his 45 votes

How do I bake a texture using Cycles bake

I created a interior scene and i don't know how to bake a texture using cycles bake.

cycles workflow texture-baking  
asked by Sachin Vani 29 votes
answered by gandalf3 54 votes

Can you answer these questions?

API: How to hide faces, edges, vertices of an object in Object Mode?

I am following this tutorial for a custom GUI, accessible in the Object Mode, working in Blender 2.8.0. There, I have a several collections with one object comprised of one mesh each. Currently, I ...

python mesh object-mode  
asked by Skrodde 1 vote

Sorting Collections Aphabetically in the Outliner

I have numerous objects categories that I used to organize in Groups through a script in Blender 2.79. I'm now trying to switch to blender 2.8 and use collections, but in the outlier the only ...

python scripting outliner collections  
asked by Federico Luzzati 1 vote

Outline Eevee Shader with Transparency

Hi, I'm using the solidify modifier with backfacing in the material Editor to create a real-time shader in Eevee. It works great for solid materials. But with Transparency materials, since it's ...

shaders eevee  
asked by Remington 1 vote
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