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Top new questions this week:

How can I create a hexagonal structure with Geometry Nodes?

I am looking for the simplest possible solution to create a hexagonal structure like this with Geometry Nodes: Which solutions are there? Bonus Tasks: Additionally I want the hexagons to have ...

asked by quellenform Score of 13
answered by quellenform Score of 13

Geometry Nodes Terrain LOD system. Stiching holes on LOD borders

Currently I'm trying to develop an LOD (Level of detail) system for a terrain mesh based on geometry nodes. I use a Separate Geometry node to split a grid into circular LOD regions and subdivide the ...

edges geometry-nodes procedural  
asked by bakkaa Score of 9
answered by André Zmuda Score of 9

How can I bevel the edges of a cube with geometry nodes?

I would like to use Geometry Nodes to add beveled edges to a cube, exactly (!) like the modifier Bevel would do. I am interested in reconstructing the effect as ...

asked by quellenform Score of 8
answered by quellenform Score of 10

How to make some Cotton Candy?

I asked this question before, but it was closed. I've written all I wanted, so I don't know how much more focused should I be, since I just need cotton candies like in the reference image attached ...

modeling texturing materials particles sculpting  
asked by Chaudhry Yousuf Score of 8
answered by moonboots Score of 10

What's a good way to create waist elastic band on pants?

I'm working on a pair of cargo pants in blender, as shown in the image below. I wanted to ask what's a good way to maybe maybe the selected bits on the pants emulate an elastic band (also pictured for ...

modeling mesh  
asked by Emma Lane Score of 8
answered by Jakemoyo Score of 10

how to deform or animate a object like this

how should I approach it if I want to apply a cover on a phone, I have used curves before but I don't know if it's possible to make it work like this, Rigging the cover might work but I feel like the ...

animation bezier-curves  
asked by Ace Score of 8
answered by moonboots Score of 11

Turn black and white image into normal map blender

I have an image like this: I want to map it into a normal map, with black being lower parts and the white parts being raised. I tried this node map: But its evidently not working. How can I ...

displacement shader-nodes height-map  
asked by Aaron Score of 7
answered by vklidu Score of 17

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Rigify Error Bone cannot connect chain bone

Using rigify when generating the rig I get this error message Does someone know how I can fix this I donĀ“t want to start it all over bone spine004 cannot connect chain bone position is disjoint. ...

asked by GabrielJST Score of 13
answered by Alberto Score of 20

How to import a .mtl file?

I am new to Blender. I downloaded a .obj file of a plant model. When I unzipped it I found two files (.obj and ...

objects import  
asked by user1468 Score of 38
answered by iKlsR Score of 34

Blender 2.8 stuck on some selection mode - no idea what it is

I'm in object mode, there's a circle around the cursor - exactly like what would be there if circle select were active, but it's not active. Single click on things does nothing, I need to double-click ...

modeling interface  
asked by Seosamh Ó Bhriain Score of 12
answered by DarenW Score of 17

How can I remove all unused materials from a .blend file?

I'm testing different materials in the same object, and finally the file has a lot of unnecessary material, is there any command that performs the cleaning of these materials automatically? in short, ...

materials blend-files data-blocks  
asked by user1358 Score of 72
answered by Fweeb Score of 69

How to show textures in the 3D View editor?

I have added some textures to objects in blender but the textures don't show up until I render the file. it can be difficult to know what the objects look like without rendering it. is there a way to ...

texturing 3d-view  
asked by Qwertie Score of 35
answered by gandalf3 Score of 38

How to cut and paste part of a mesh to another mesh?

Hi im new to Blender and i want to know when im in edit mode if i can copy or cut a selections of polygons faces and paste to another mesh. Thanks in advance for any help

modeling mesh selection-tools  
asked by xproejctvr Score of 39
answered by Ray Mairlot Score of 43

2.8 locking object from selection

I want to lock objects from getting selected, but not change their visibility. 2.8 removed the lock button from the outliner. How do you lock objects in 2.8?

selection-tools outliner  
asked by zander Score of 31
answered by HikariTW Score of 31

Can you answer these questions?

How to use vertex weight to control gravity strength in particle system?

I want to use preset vertex weights to control the strength of gravity in the particle system, but I found that the gravity option only supports textures. So is there a way to convert the vertex ...

particles vertex-weights  
asked by Ben Score of 1
answered by Chris Score of 0

Sculpt mode remesh settings

I have ran into a problem when sculpting. While sculpting I would hit the "Shift R" buttons to bring up a grid to see what size of remeshing I would do before I would "Ctrl R". Now ...

sculpting remesh  
asked by Kendall Score of 1

Can we scale a curve relative to the distance between two objects? I tried doing it in geometry nodes, but curves aren't supported there

This is what I made. It works well in scaling meshes, but I can't seem to do anything about curves.

bezier-curves transforms geometry-nodes geometry  
asked by Nikhil Nair Score of 1
answered by Chris Score of 0
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