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Top new questions this week:

Can Blender be used to send to a factory to create silicone products (mass production)?

I got started on a project early January. The job was to model silicon baby products using reference images he sent and make them look like they were professionally taken in a studio. I completed the ...

modeling 3d-printing  
asked by Jeremy McCloud 10 votes
answered by ZargulTheWizard 13 votes

I need to simulate the interference of two sinewaves

My ultimate goal is to simulate the interference of two sinewaves. They do not have to follow at the moment any specific physical requirement (the wave modifier could be OK). I thought to proceed by ...

asked by livio 7 votes
answered by Ed Tate 11 votes

What is this node usually called?

I'm trying to find the Color Factor node shown below. It's typically already added in there attached to the Principled BSDF by default, but from time to time I have no idea where to find the node once ...

nodes shaders  
asked by Slippery Snail 7 votes
answered by batFINGER 12 votes

Is there a way to change the color of the actual vertices?

By default in edit mode, the vertices are black, which can be a pain if outlining a reference image when the image is black. Is there a way to change the color of the vertices, or better yet set them ...

vertices customization  
asked by elemonader 6 votes
answered by Gordon Brinkmann 7 votes

How to understand where the normal ring is convex and where is concave?

Normals to understand - How to understand where the normal ring is convex and where is concave?

texturing normals normal-map  
asked by White Raven 5 votes
answered by Robin Betts 6 votes

Rigid body animation problems (coin pusher animation)

Im trying to make a coin pusher animation with rigid bodies in Blender. I have a few problems. The 5 coins on the 'pusher' itself dont fall down. They stay on the same level. They dont join and ...

animation rigid-body-simulation rigidbody  
asked by Larp Shlarz Den Bee 5 votes
answered by Edgel3D 3 votes

How to Flip a Mirror Modifier

I can't figure out how to flip a Mirror Modifier along the Y axis, after it is mirrored. Would love some advice on how to achieve this, per the below images:

modifiers mirror  
asked by glen_candle 5 votes
answered by Jachym Michal 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to change number of vertices in add object in 2.8?

I'm very new to Blender and following tutorials with the old Blender UI is tricky in 2.8 to say the least. I am trying to find how to perform this function in 2.8 Prior to 2.8, Shift + A > Mesh > ...

asked by Ben 9 votes
answered by Nicola Sap 20 votes

Where can I find the dimensions of an object?

In earlier Blender versions, the "Transform Properties" panel showed the object dimensions (i.e., bounding box: width, height, depth). Now, it just shows location, rotation, and scale.

interface transforms  
asked by Matt Fichman 28 votes
answered by CodeManX 42 votes

Blender 2.80 Remove double vertices option gone

I downloaded the latest version of Blender 2.8 beta today. I used to remove double vertices by switching to Vertex selection mode -> Choose all vertices -> Right click > choose Remove Doubles (in ...

asked by John Binary 24 votes
answered by HikariTW 41 votes

How to smooth shade an object while retaining hard edges?

I frequently come to the problem of having a mesh with parts I would like to render smooth and "hard" edges connecting them. How can I set the mesh to show the sharp edges but render everything else ...

modeling mesh geometry  
asked by miceterminator 79 votes
answered by iKlsR 64 votes

How to import an FBX file into Blender

I am trying to import an FBX file from Unity into Blender. Does anybody know how to do that?

import unity  
asked by Jerry 12 votes
answered by Keavon 23 votes

Keying set failed to insert any keyframes

When pressing I, I now receive: keying set failed to insert any keyframes. No idea why pressing I doesn't work anymore. What did I do wrong? (I've upgraded from 2.71 to 2.72 and it stops working)....

animation keyframes  
asked by juFo 14 votes
answered by juFo 18 votes

Can I use the timeline to erase keyframes?

Is it possible to use the green bar in the Timeline to erase keyframes? Is there someway to do something like erasing keyframes by scrolling over them instead of removing them one by one?

animation workflow  
asked by gandalf3 35 votes
answered by Gunslinger 40 votes

Can you answer these questions?

View jumps around when clicking with 'lock to 3D cursor' enabled

Does anyone know what the intended behavior of this is? When I set 'Lock To 3D Cursor' enabled in the 'View' tab and I middle click to pan or rotate the viewport camera it changes the distance of the ...

3d-view interface camera 3d-cursor  
asked by kvick 1 vote
answered by kvick 0 votes

Blender Texrures streaching

I downloaded a texture and put it on my anvil. As expected, the texture stretched out acrost the whole anvil and looked ugly. Is there a way to repeat the texture on every vertex face or repeat a few ...

asked by Ron 1 vote
answered by Silly3D 0 votes

Not able to apply the most simple screw modifier possible

Add curve Rotate as displayed in picture below Add screw modifier Tried other axis, got a dome instead of a ring I want the result on the left but got the one on the right instead.

asked by 412p9wej 1 vote
answered by ZargulTheWizard 0 votes
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