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Top new questions this week:

Why do reflections on a smooth-cube look more 'definite' than a flat shaded one?

From what I know, flat shaded polygons use the face normal for lighting calculations for every pixel that makes up said face. Likewise, smoothshaded polygons do per-pixel normal calculations. However, ...

normals reflection  
asked by Hash 10 votes
answered by Tanner Swett 11 votes

How to simulate movement of rollers

How can a simulation smoothly reproduce the movement of a box on a conveyor. The model described below will simulate the movement, but as the box moves from roller to roller, the box jumps and the ...

asked by Ed Tate 8 votes
answered by Chris 8 votes

Shader Nodes: continuous noise with uniform distribution

The White Noise node returns a pseudo-random float between 0 and 1, with a uniform distribution of values. (i.e. all ranges of values of the same size occur with the same probability.) But it is ...

mathematics shader-nodes  
asked by Robin Betts 7 votes
answered by NeverConvex 3 votes

Distort procedural texture along concentric circles

I'm trying to distort a procedural texture along concentric circles, so far without success. I'm not even sure how to illustrate the type of distortion I want, so search google I found this image that ...

texturing node-editor procedural distort  
asked by Geri 6 votes
answered by anonymous 4 votes

How can I do a triangle shape in Blender?

I want to do the shape below in Blender. I am a developer and I have no idea about Blender. I will be grateful if you can tell me the steps simply. The shape I am trying to do: The shape I have done: ...

modeling objects  
asked by Sedanur Yesilnacar 5 votes
answered by moonboots 14 votes

Seamless cell fracture?

How do we create a cell fracture that appears seamless before an animated dynamic paint reveals the cracks? I already have the dynamic paint brush animated and effecting the weight on a smooth ...

asked by bonypoy 4 votes
answered by Jackdaw 3 votes

Color ramp on an asymmetric object

I try to make a chemical polarity like this: I'm not talking about the molecule itself but the red to blue gradient with the white between around the molecule. I made the object with metaballs and ...

materials shaders color shader-nodes  
asked by EwSa 4 votes
answered by Ron Jensen 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I round the edges of a mesh?

I have looked at other similar questions on this site but couldn't answer my question. I have a model made of cubes the edges look very sharp (I would put a picture here but I don't have the required ...

modeling mesh workflow objects  
asked by Qwertie 46 votes
answered by stacker 51 votes

Make Blender usable on high resolution screen

The Blender UI elements are incredibly small by default on high resolution screens on Windows (15" UHD screen). I found the Preferences -> System -> DPI setting which can be set up to 144. This ...

interface windows  
asked by Sam 53 votes
answered by Chebhou 62 votes

Change pivot or local origin of an object

How can I change the local origin of an object, without changing the object location in the world space. This is the object located at position (0,0,0) in the world space This is the same object ...

asked by rraallvv 190 votes
answered by iKlsR 253 votes

Add different materials to different parts of a mesh?

How do you add more than one material to a mesh? I have tried adding two materials to the object, and then assigning one of the materials to a vertex-group, but I could not find a place to assign it....

mesh materials  
asked by Stephen 138 votes
answered by Stephen 179 votes

2.8 Smooth Shading in Edit Mode

Recently I have started learning blender. In a tutorial I am told to apply the smooth shader to eight specific faces (in a sphere). However when I am in edit mode the options "Smooth" and "flat" are ...

asked by Patrick 19 votes
answered by Jose Sacramento Jr 23 votes

Pose Mode: How to reset transformed armature to its rest position?

I got a problem with pose mode. Like the heading says, I haven't found yet a possibility to reset the already transformed armature so that it exactly does look like the rest position (though it is ...

armature transforms  
asked by xDonnervogelx 42 votes
answered by Polosson 64 votes

Cursor is set to move by increments. how to reset to normal?

My cursor is moving by every selection by large increments! Normally when I use Blender, I am able to select and move objects to any coordinate. Now, all of the sudden, when I select an object or ...

transforms edit-mode  
asked by Nick1018 31 votes
answered by gandalf3 44 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Blender Refraction BSDF too dark

as you can see in the first picture if i use an refraction shader on a plane in front of the fire/persons it´s way darker then without. I want to use it for an heat distortion because of the fire. I ...

cycles-render-engine materials shaders transparency fire  
asked by Tim 1 vote

Green Screen tracking marker crunch?

So I found a website that provides practice green screen plates for you to work with, they also provide some general tips on what you can do to track the shot effectively. However im just getting into ...

tracking masking  
asked by bonypoy 1 vote

Is there any way of manually creating volume grid data?

I would like to know if there is a way of manually creating volume grids. Like the data we obtain from mantaflow simulations or import from external vdb files. For example, is the creation of volume ...

python volumetrics  
asked by Lucas Francisco 1 vote
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