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Top new questions this week:

Transform cylinder to flat plane - cylinder maze map

I have object like this: I want to cut it in half and flatten it to something like plane. In other words I want create flat map of this maze - all simple ways are welcome. file:

mesh modifiers  
asked by shinji 7 votes
answered by Robin Betts 7 votes

Alt+M to merge vertices is not working anymore

I'm trying to merge vertices using the Alt+M keyboard shortcut, but instead I get an option to split. I never saw this menu before Please help.

modeling vertices shortcut  
asked by Jimmy Lin 6 votes
answered by susu 10 votes

Total length of a complex curve

I have a complex curve which is a series of vertices and I would like to find the total length of all the vertices. MeasureIT can show me the length of each segment in the curve but does not seem to ...

objects measurement  
asked by steven muir 5 votes
answered by Jachym Michal 7 votes

how to write a custom projection type?

Is it possible to create a lens shader with EEVEE/Cycles ? I'd like to have the control over the camera position and the ray direction per sample. This allows to simulate various conventional lens ...

rendering cycles-render-engine shaders camera eevee-render-engine  
asked by menoz 5 votes

How to change the ratio of movement of a driver?

I have set up a driver which causes an object's z location to controller the other objects x rotation. It works, but I have to move the driver a long way in order to get only a slight change on the ...

asked by Matthew Paine 4 votes
answered by Jachym Michal 3 votes

What is the proper way to make this robot arm?

this is really my first time making something in Blender without a tutorial. I am trying to make this robot arm, but I am unsure about the proper method to do so. I have outlined the object I am ...

modeling vertices topology  
asked by Makinbacon52 4 votes
answered by vklidu 10 votes

How would I make an indent that runs on all sides of the object?

I'm trying to make an old PC monitor and there is a seam that runs all around. I tried Extruding inwards but since it runs on all sides it just goes in one direction. Sorry.. still learning Blender. ...

modeling extrude  
asked by pointy head 4 votes
answered by Jachym Michal 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I make a camera the active one?

I have multiple cameras in a scene. What I want to do is to change which one is active. This way I can view the scene from different angles. How would I do this?

asked by Owen Patterson 112 votes
answered by gandalf3 156 votes

2.8 Smooth Shading in Edit Mode

Recently I have started learning blender. In a tutorial I am told to apply the smooth shader to eight specific faces (in a sphere). However when I am in edit mode the options "Smooth" and "flat" are ...

asked by Patrick 16 votes
answered by Jose Sacramento Jr 21 votes

Blender 2.78 with Windows 10 lags when interacting with the UI

Update This has been confirmed resolved in a later version 376.33 and possibly the update prior. meta Okay, I recently did a computer update. I used to run Blender 2.77 on a Dell desktop (5 GB ...

windows hardware  
asked by josepharaoh99 22 votes
answered by Tyler N 20 votes

Can I use the timeline to erase keyframes?

Is it possible to use the green bar in the Timeline to erase keyframes? Is there someway to do something like erasing keyframes by scrolling over them instead of removing them one by one?

animation workflow  
asked by gandalf3 35 votes
answered by Gunslinger 40 votes

Why are all the textures in my file pink?

I made a character, and its one of my first times texturing, and I saved my character into a new folder, and when I came back to the model ALL the textures were pink, I used to know what to do, but I ...

asked by blackhole 29 votes
answered by gandalf3 46 votes

Make Blender usable on high resolution screen

The Blender UI elements are incredibly small by default on high resolution screens on Windows (15" UHD screen). I found the Preferences -> System -> DPI setting which can be set up to 144. This ...

interface windows  
asked by Sam 51 votes
answered by Chebhou 62 votes

When I save something as an OBJ file the texture does not save with it, why?

I use Blender to render objects as this makes them look better. The problem is when I export one of my characters as an OBJ file and then import it back into Blender to render, the textures seem to ...

texturing export import obj  
asked by Kye Harding 6 votes
answered by mont29 17 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Why do my leaf and grass textures have black outlines when rendered?

I've recently finished exporting and texturing a bunch of psk meshes from a game in blender. My current plan is to cover these meshes in collision models and then export/compile them to a map editor ...

asked by CHED 1 vote
answered by Christopher Bennett 0 votes

Trying to get solid physics working coherently

I'm trying to make an animation of photos falling onto a surface for an intro. To do this I created a large plane (the ground) which I set to passive mode, then created 28 smaller planes, arranged ...

asked by Lars Goldschlager 1 vote
answered by Albert Hofmann 0 votes

Why won't the rendered image be my current active camera view?

I move the camera to the position I want and set it by using 'ctrl + alt + NUMPAD 0' and when I press 'NUMPAD 0' to see what the camera is looking the at the rendered image is different to the view of ...

asked by kurt 1 vote
answered by susu 0 votes
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