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Top new questions this week:

Making object "fatter" in the middle

So I'm designing shape of candle in Blender and I need to make it fatter, but only in lower part. The crucial part is to keep a smooth transition between this fatter part and the rest of candle plus ...

user avatar asked by Pete Score of 6
user avatar answered by moonboots Score of 6

How can I make square and triangular rings?

I'm new to Blender and trying to make two simple objects: square and triangular rings. I started with a square object (using a cube) and applied bevel on its edges. Unfortunately, this is the best I ...

modeling bevel  
user avatar asked by Igor Tupitsyn Score of 5
user avatar answered by lemon Score of 14

How to toggle switch using geometry proximity?

I want to create an assembly line/conveyor belt using Geometry Nodes, by attaching objects to a curve and following along it. I want to place an Empty or invisible objects along the path, so that when ...

user avatar asked by Sugrmax Score of 4
user avatar answered by quellenform Score of 4

How can I replicate this image of a tied-up balloon?

I want to make a picture of the balloon tied with a string like in the picture. Is there any useful function for that? Should I reduce the scale of the dots that the string passes by and sculpture ...

objects edit-mode transforms sculpting sculpt-mode  
user avatar asked by kwanhee Score of 3
user avatar answered by moonboots Score of 8

Is there a way to make a weathervane simulation

I was wondering if a weathervane physic simulation was possible (i.e. a weathervane that is pushed by a wind). I can create something that looks a bit like it (thanks to Chris) but that is not ...

user avatar asked by moonboots Score of 3

Geometry nodes: is there a way to create a centerline of a closed curve/mesh?

See above image for a reference. For this kind of closed curve I would like to create a centerline. I have previously worked with an extension in Inkscape which creates a centerline but it is cutting ...

geometry-nodes bezier-curves geometry  
user avatar asked by muckyu Score of 3

how to get the custom attribute of a bezier point set by GN

I have changed my curve in GN like this: So i simply set a "spline fac" to the control point (via store named attribute) Now i want to read these values via python. I tried this: ...

python geometry-nodes  
user avatar asked by Chris Score of 3
user avatar answered by lemon Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to close/open a view panel

I can't find a way to close a view panel, in particular the horizontal at the bottom, is pretty useless to me at this moment.

3d-view interface  
user avatar asked by rraallvv Score of 85
user avatar answered by iKlsR Score of 62

How do I put an image texture on a material in Cycles?

I am creating a model of a glass and I would like to put a drawing on it (a png picture). I know how to do it using Blender Render, but not with Cycles Render. Help :)

cycles-render-engine texturing image  
user avatar asked by bluszcz Score of 65
user avatar answered by Thom Blair III Score of 90

How to recenter an object's origin?

So, I'm working creating a lamp... yes, newbie here. After modeling for a bit, I noticed that my point of origin was no longer the center of my object: How to I reset an object origin point to the ...

modeling transforms  
user avatar asked by eikonomega Score of 131
user avatar answered by someonewithpc Score of 149

How to prevent indentation errors?

I added a line and am very sure there is no indentation problem. Here is the error report and screenshots of the text so you can see it: Error: File "C:\Users\info\Desktop\Claas UI.blend\Claas_UI_2....

python scripting text-editor  
user avatar asked by Claas Kuhnen Score of 4
user avatar answered by stacker Score of 7

Why are all the textures in my file pink?

I made a character, and its one of my first times texturing, and I saved my character into a new folder, and when I came back to the model ALL the textures were pink, I used to know what to do, but I ...

user avatar asked by blackhole Score of 40
user avatar answered by gandalf3 Score of 65

Sculpt tool not working

Ok so I have pillaged google and forums all over and still I am at a loss. I have this blender file and any attempts to use the sculpt tool and it does not effect the object. I have gone in checked ...

modeling sculpting  
user avatar asked by The Gugaru Score of 1
user avatar answered by Alexander Traxler Score of 10

Can't paint texture

I am new to blender and I could use some help, i watched a lot of tutorials but I still can't paint an object, I click on the object but it doesn't add color. I enter on texture paint and all the ...

user avatar asked by Vlad Ivanescu Score of 10
user avatar answered by gandalf3 Score of 8

Can you answer these questions?

What are some general tips/pieces of advice for speeding up navigation in the 3D Viewport?

I was handed a massive file recently where the 3D viewport struggles to keep up with my mouse commands (panning, zooming, selecting, etc.), even though my machine should have excellent performance on-...

3d-view performance navigation  
user avatar asked by NickJ_001 Score of 1

Is there a better way to model an ellipse with 2 circular cuts?

I am trying to model an ellipse with two circular cuts inside : After some planning, I came up with the following topology : While technically all quads, the large ones in the middle are almost ...

modeling topology  
user avatar asked by Pacific Score of 1
user avatar answered by moonboots Score of 0

Blender can't display a "face sheet" object

I am a software engineer and I am new to Blender. I need to do some programming on 3d reconstruction and geometry on some 3D objects, but I want to display it on Blender for some sort of testings. I ...

user avatar asked by Ken Chan Score of 1
user avatar answered by moonboots Score of 0
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