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Top new questions this week:

How do I generate a rough outline around a shape in geo nodes

Okay, I'm making a custom patch generator so I can turn .svg s that I make into patches. I'm trying to streamline the process because I'm working on a project that calls for like a hundred of them ...

geometry-nodes bezier-curves  
user avatar asked by Dethgears Score of 5
user avatar answered by Alex Score of 7

Creating a parabolic-shaped arch more automatically

I'm trying to create an arch in the shape of a parabola, like the arch in JK Bridge (Brasília-Brazil). I managed to "model" it manually, using some reference images, but it didn't turn out ...

modeling modifiers geometry-nodes topology proportional-editing  
user avatar asked by Thomas Score of 4
user avatar answered by Crantisz Score of 1

Align & Scale Light (Portal) to Face

I am an ArchViz artist and during my work I often have to do this tedious task manually: Setting up light portals to align exactly with the window pane mesh. First I have to snap it to the window pane,...

python interface lighting operator  
user avatar asked by oeri Score of 4
user avatar answered by lemon Score of 5

draw 3d shape (n-gone) in 3D view

I know how to draw lines, points, 2d shape like rectangle, but how to draw shape by vertices from selected face? So basically, I need to redraw selected faces with 'gpu.state.depth_test_set("NONE&...

python shaders draw-mode  
user avatar asked by APEC Score of 4
user avatar answered by X Y Score of 4

Add or Remove item / socket in Nodetree / Node group - New "Items Tree" - Blender 4.0

First of all, I want to mention that I'm quite new to programming with Python and Blender. Now, I wanted to know how I can create (or remove) a new socket in a custom nodetree considering the new &...

python node-editor  
user avatar asked by pablo-dra Score of 3
user avatar answered by pablo-dra Score of 1

Can I create this crumped paper shader on a curve?

I would like to achieve something similar to the paper that surrounds the perimeter of this package. I would like to use a curve with a bevel, because I would ultimately like to animate the paper ...

animation shaders  
user avatar asked by JB Riley Score of 3
user avatar answered by moonboots Score of 2

Updating BMesh element indices

I've noticed that after calling bmesh.utils.edge_split the new elements (vert, edge, loops) have -1 indices. They stay -1 even after calling ...

user avatar asked by atb Score of 3

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I completely remove an image from my .blend file?

I'm creating a model for a 3D game that will eventually be exported using a custom Python script. This model makes heavy use of UV textures. However, the project now references a bunch of images that ...

uv image data-blocks  
user avatar asked by Nathan Osman Score of 88
user avatar answered by Jonathan Williamson Score of 97

How to cut and paste part of a mesh to another mesh?

Hi im new to Blender and i want to know when im in edit mode if i can copy or cut a selections of polygons faces and paste to another mesh. Thanks in advance for any help

modeling mesh selection-tools  
user avatar asked by xproejctvr Score of 44
user avatar answered by Ray Mairlot Score of 52

Create vertex on a desired part of an edge

Ctrl + R creates vertex exactly between two vertices of an edge but I want it in the place where I click, that is any part of an edge where I click. I wanted to know if there is any such feature ...

user avatar asked by simon Score of 35
user avatar answered by Leon Cheung Score of 27

2.8 locking object from selection

I want to lock objects from getting selected, but not change their visibility. 2.8 removed the lock button from the outliner. How do you lock objects in 2.8?

selection-tools outliner  
user avatar asked by zander Score of 38
user avatar answered by HikariTW Score of 36

Where is Transfer attribute in 3.4?

Where is Transfer attribute node in 3.4? I don't find it in the list of nodes:

user avatar asked by Crantisz Score of 17
user avatar answered by Crantisz Score of 34

Can Blender render pngs with the background transparent?

I would like to render an animation as a series of .png images with transparent backgrounds for use in a video. Is this possible?

rendering cycles-render-engine blender-internal-render-engine image transparency  
user avatar asked by A Wild RolandiXor Has Appeared Score of 285
user avatar answered by satishgoda Score of 412

2.8 Smooth Shading in Edit Mode

Recently I have started learning blender. In a tutorial I am told to apply the smooth shader to eight specific faces (in a sphere). However when I am in edit mode the options "Smooth" and "flat" are ...

user avatar asked by Patrick Score of 20
user avatar answered by Jose Sacramento Jr Score of 23

Can you answer these questions?

How to model the inside corner of where two curved walls meet?

I'm pretty new to 3D modeling and Blender and I'm trying to make a modular tileset which includes walls. I'm stumped at exactly how to shape the inside corner where two of my curved walls meet. The ...

user avatar asked by FeralFerret Score of 1

Unwrapping and Texturing a Sphere

I've been trying to unwrap this christmas ball, and add glitter normal map to it, but the seems are too visible. Is there any way to apply a normal map that ignore the seams, or a better way to unwrap ...

modeling uv  
user avatar asked by Haru Shiba Score of 2

Conditional execution mode of UILayout element operator

In an add-on panel I have two buttons that have to call the same operator whose role is to select some mesh faces. The only difference in execution mode is that in one case the selection is added to ...

python add-on  
user avatar asked by Antonio Score of 1
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