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I am a story teller. Animator. Blender user and fan :). I love the capabilities of blender and get amazed every time people show new wonderful short films done out of blender.

I feel blender python is a powerful way of using blender but have been unable to use it much as i am not able to read and understand api docs, and get the impulse of how blender api is structured and how to use it.

I would love anybody who could help me in this regard.

I am other wise good at Modelling texturing and sculpting in blender. And can help out any body to understand to a good depth.

I have fair understanding on animation ipo curves, drivers, action editor, dope sheet and NLA. Can give you workable understanding of it. And would appreciate deeper understanding from any of you.

And i know basics of sequence editor, texture nodes, material noes, node based compositing.

Have seen amazing results of others in dynamics and particle/hair/fluid effects. And have tried may of them and been unsuccessful in getting a desired result. And slept late-nights after failure thinking it must be a bug LOL

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