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When I use "Movie Clip" node in Blender 2.7, it always starts at Scene Frame 1. How can I change it in order to make it start at Frame 6, for instance? The movie clip I am using is a Movie FX for another video, and I want to use it with the Mix node.


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Replace the "movie clip" node for an "Input Image" node and use Movie as source.

Frames will give you control on the source's duration (in frames): How many frames do you want to use?

Start Frame is the frame in the scene at which the video clip will start playing.

Offset allows you to select the first frame of the video source.

enter image description here

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Have checked that and I stand corrected I will redact previous assertion (must have been fixed). Thank you! – 3pointedit Sep 16 '15 at 4:57

If you have problems with the image node, you can change the offset of a Movie Clip in the MCE (Movie Clip Editor), also known as the Tracker. Go to the movie clip's properties and change the start frame and offset there. Remember though, you can only have one instance of that movie clip per scene, so you can only change the offset once.

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