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I am trying to animate a simple scene to test the shape key I added to the object but I tried to keyframe the shape key but I couldn't.

When I keyframe the object after changing the shape key then I go to the next frame and change the shape key to what I want and play the scene the object doesn't change at all

All the tutorials I found were for blender 2.4 which is i guess outdated

How can I keyframe a shapekey?

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Just by going by the description of your process for inserting keyframes it sounds like you are only creating 1 keyframe.

The process to animate a property is to:

  1. Set the value of the property (in this case the 'Value' property of the shapekey)
  2. Insert a keyframe by pressing I with the cursor over the Value property.
  3. Move to a different frame in the timeline.
  4. Set the property to a new value.
  5. Insert a second keyframe on the property.

Keyframes have to be inserted at every point in the timeline where you want the property to change to a specific value.

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