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Is there a way to mirror actions that were keyed for one side to be mirrored to the other side?

enter image description here

I tried to add another x-flipped action as the button (green 1) does for the current pose. This button is only available in the pose editor.

Then I tried to copy and paste key-frame by frame (from green 2 to red 3) but it seems that we can't have two different views of the action editor. (When the selected action is changed in one action editor the other one copies the change and displays the same action)

How can an action be x-flipped mirrored into another action?

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For current readers in 2016 and Blender 2.77 there is a button in the action editor to flip the pose or equivalently flip the pose. – atomicbezierslinger Jul 2 at 20:30
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You can use the Copy/Paste operators in Action Editor, which supports multiple keyframes:

enter image description here

  • Select keyframes, then press the "copy to buffer" Button on the header, or CtrlC.
  • Switch to another action, keep the current frame marker unchanged, then CtrlV.
  • Right click on the first frame you want to flip, turn on auto-keyframe on Timeline header, hover the mouse cursor in 3D View, then CtrlC,ShiftCtrlV, to "overwrite" the existing action on that frame, for the following keyframes, you just repeat by Up Arrow, CtrlC,ShiftCtrlV to flip action on each keyframe one by one continuously. (For large number of keyframes, you may consider to make a small macro for the repeated operation to speed it up a lot).
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Key > Mirror > By Times over current frame does an X-flip based on the timeline cursor. If you place the cursor at the center of the keyframed range, it will flip in-place.

You may also use Key > Transform > Scale and type -1.

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Thanks, this is also useful but it reverses the movement, a forward steps is turned to a backward step but it won't flip from left to right side. – stacker Feb 16 '14 at 9:03
Sorry, misunderstood your goal – CoDEmanX Feb 16 '14 at 16:32
is this in dope or action view? it doesn't from left to right arm – The Poet Sep 26 '15 at 20:09

You want to flip the pose position of one side of your armature. You do that in Pose mode, from the Pose menu in the 3D viewer. Highlight the bones you want to mirror the pose of, then go into the Pose menu and select Copy Pose. Now highlight the bones you want to copy the pose to (at the desired frame) and select Paste X Flipped Pose.

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