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I saw a video where the person copied a material from one object to another (Cycles).

How can I accomplish this?

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Select all target objects and also the source object (the source object needs to be active, so either select it last or select it again after you selected all target objects).

Go to the Material tab, select a material slot and click the specials menu button.

Click Copy Material to Others to copy.

Copy Material to Others

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Thanks so much! –  EvilAsuratos Feb 15 '14 at 1:44
@CoDEmanX I used your suggestion & it worked but... How do I select an object if I've got all selected? becuase if I right click it, it unsellects all others. I've used Shit + right, but in the video I saw, he uses just right. Besides, why Copy Material to othe doesnt appear when I press space bar in 3D view (in the video it appears). Maybe it's the version (I'm using 2.72 & the video 2.65). Thanks. –  Marcelo Miguel Bazan Oct 12 '14 at 15:10

You can also do this by pressing CtrlL> Materials with the target objects selected and the object with the source materials active. You can select multiple objects at once with ShiftRMB.

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