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In Maya if we have an object selected and we press F then the object is brought into focus and if no object is selected then all the objects in the scene are brought into focus.

How can this be done in Blender?

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Without knowing the specifics of the Maya feature, try pressing . on the your keyboard's numeric keypad. This adjusts your 3D View to focus on the selected object. You can also press / on the numeric keypad to get a "local view" of the selected object (pressing / again will pop you back to the scene view).

To show all non-hidden objects in the 3D View, press Home.

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Numpad . to zoom to selected (or menu View > Align View > View Selected)

A to select all (you may need to hit it twice), then Numpad . will zoom to all objects.
Or use ShiftC to reset view and recenter cursor.

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Another option is using the Zoom Border tool (Shift+B, then LMB) to specify a 'rectangular area' of the 3D View and zoom in so that the region fills the actual viewport.

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