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I have ten cubes selected. I would like to change their rotation using numeric input, using the edit boxes on the panel that opens when you press N. However, only one cube's parameter is changed.

Same is true for location, scale, location/rotation/scale lock, etc.

Why is the change by the numeric entry not being set on each selected objects? And how to achieve my intended result?

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Blender will only affect the currently selected or the last selected object, you cannot mass transform objects like that by default using the transform panel in the Toolshelf. If you look in the panel you will see that you are operating only on one object, the one that shows under Item.

enter image description here

However, there are several ways to do this:

  1. You can just set the pivot point to Individual Origins and you can transform multiple objects at once by selecting them all and using GSR to rotate, scale or move respectively. Provided the objects all have their centers correct this should work properly. It's not exactly numeric but you can still transform in units by choosing the axes and typing the precise number after.

    enter image description here

  2. Another way is to use repeat last on the other objects by pressing ShiftR after transforming an object. This only works for one action, the last performed one so make a transform you want on one object, select the other objects one by one and run Repeat Last.

  3. You could also use an Array modifier. You can transform the initial object any way you wish and have the others update and the modifier also has position offsets.

    enter image description here

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The Transform in the N panel only reflects the active object. If you want to set the value to all selected objects, you can also try the following:

  1. Select those objects;
  2. Setting the value as you want;
  3. Keep those objects selected, right click on the value input field, select "Copy to Selected".

enter image description here

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